Intellize Tech Services is a professional consulting company focuses on technology, information security, business continuity and training services.

Managed by professional experts from various areas and sectors, our consultants comes with over twenty years of experience, differentiated by relatively with wide range of skill, knowledge and ability.

We supports not only innovation that marketplace relies heavily on which encompassed in intellectual, but we inspire organization to transform ideas into solution and results. We provide superior level of hand-holding, coaching, guidance, and advisory services throughout any project tenure with significant added value through its services level.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Services

Cyber Security

Information security management system (ISMS) consulting and coaching with substantiate result on security risk management & awareness program.

Business Continuity

Complete portfolio of business continuity management system (BCMS) consulting and coaching services.


World renowned professional certification body which provides education and certification on a wide range

IT Consultancy

Assess and align technology strategies, architectural, operational and implementation planning of IT environment and new solutions deployments.

Dedicated Team

Succeeded clients with our empowered team support at every step. Highly performant team & result driven professionals.

Project Management

Efficient execution of projects with quality, timely, cost effectively and  constantly work in an increasingly competitive environment