Business Continuity Management Specialized Training

Implementing Effective BCM – 4 days

Outline: These five days program is to initiate the development of business continuity plan and will take the participant through the steps necessary to accomplish Business Continuity Plan at their organization targeting the critical business functions and its capability to recover in the event of a disaster.

Each participant from their respective business unit will understand the technique to identify their critical infrastructure, prioritizing their key business functions then analysing the impact of various disruptions on these business functions. From there they will learn understand the steps to develop their business recovery with strategic recovery solution, improved on their current emergency response procedures as well as their IT disaster recovery plans.

Upon completion of this session, participants would have a solid and comprehensive business continuity plan to safeguard their business interest and assets on the following areas and able to continue to improvise independently:-

✓ Risk Assessment
✓ Business Impact Analysis
✓ Business Recovery Strategies
✓ Development of policy and framework
✓ Pandemic Plan, IT Disaster Recovery Plan & Crisis Communication Plan

The final stage of the BCM program would relief the participants with a greater understanding and ability of developing business continuity plan and able respond and manage any disruption confidently.

This session is designed for mid to upper-level managers (or groups of managers) with a working knowledge of their organization’s business and infrastructure.

Crisis Management, Communication and Leadership Training – 2 days

Outline: This specialized course is designed to equip you with the essential skills necessary to navigate a wide array of crisis scenarios confidently and effectively. Our curriculum covers anticipatory strategies, responsive techniques, and leadership skills crucial for handling complex situations. Rather than waiting for a crisis to materialize, we encourage you to proactively invest in your preparedness and resilience.

Essential aspects of the training includes :

✓ Ability to communicate swiftly and smoothly during crisis

✓ Ability to plan before emergencies occur

✓ Emergency preparedness and response

✓ Ability to handle hazardous = materials

✓ Ability to operate technology for emergency situations

✓ Ability to understand emotional intelligence in times of crisis

✓ Manage Media

✓ Post Crisis and business sustainability

This session is designed for Crisis Management Team, Business Continuity Manager, Corporate Communication Manager, Recovery Manager, who are responsible in handling crisis and involved in decision making in times of crisis.

Business Impact Analysis – 5 days

Outline: The Business Impact Analysis Coaching and Training provides an in-depth look into the Analysis stage of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Lifecycle under Analyse phase. It provides the student with the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of this key skill area in order to plan and perform a BIA and Risk & Threat Assessment in their organisation as the base for a resilient Business Continuity Management System.

At the end of this Risk and Treat Assessment training participants will be able to:

✓ Identify the key personal and responsibilities under their department in managing risks and impact
✓ Understanding the risks parameter analysis and risk assessment methodology
✓ Explain the difference between Hazards, Risks, and Control Measures
✓ Identify the types of risks associated with human, technology and process
✓ Understand the risk assessment process
✓ Recognise the Risk Assessment Process at their department and organization as a whole
✓ Demonstrate your understanding of risk assessments through practical work

This session is designed for Crisis Management Team, Business Continuity Manager, Business Continuity Coordinators / Secretariates, Head of Division / Department, Business Recovery Manager. (Maximum 40 pax)

Organization Pandemic Preparedness and Responses – 1 day

Outline: Recently, an anxious world has been following the novel corona virus or known as COVID-19, as it has remained unabated in around the globe. Infectious disease professionals warn us that we are watching the slow development of the global pandemic of infectious disease. Organization need to act immediately and respond to the pandemic situation now by following important protocols such as disinfect, prevent, control, recover and response to Covid-19 at present and perhaps the future pandemic waves on our shores. This is an issue of not if but when and how long the Covid-19 strain will continue.

Pandemic Preparedness & Response – “Key for Organization Survival”

Is your organization ready to scale up with preparedness and response to pandemic more strategically?

At the end of this training, participants should be able to:
✓ Operationalize the Organization Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (OSPRP) for the Pandemic outbreak using the Operational Planning Guidelines
✓  Describe the 8 major pillars of organization health preparedness and response and initial actions to be taken by the Business Continuity & Crisis Management Team
✓ Produce full set of actions, performance indicators and resources needed to conduct the preparedness level assessment for organization preparedness and response plans

This session is designed for human resource team, business continuity & emergency response team, crisis management team and other relevant stakeholders, including partners & Special Interest Group (Civil Society).