EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (E|CSS)

EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (E|CSS)

EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (E|Css) allows students to enhance their skills in three different areas namely Network Defense, Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics and the cybersecurity industry.


Information security plays a vital role in most organizations. Information security is where information, information processing, and communications are protected against the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information processing. In communications, information security also covers trustworthy authentication of messages that covers identification of verifying and recording the approval and authorization of information, non-alteration of data, and the non-repudiation of communication or stored data


  • Module 01: Information Security Fundamentals.
  • Module 02: Networking Fundamentals.
  • Module 03: Secure Network Protocols.
  • Module 04: Information Security Threats and Attacks.
  • Module 05: Social Engineering.
  • Module 06: Hacking Cycle.
  • Module 07: Identification, Authentication, and Authorization.
  • Module 08: Cryptography.
  • Module 09: Firewalls.
  • Module 10: Intrusion Detection System.
  • Module 11: Data Backup.
  • Module 12 : Virtual Private Network.
  • Module 13: Wireless Network Security.
  • Module 14: Web Security
  • Module 15: Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing
  • Module 16: Incident Response
  • Module 17: Computer Forensics Fundamentals
  • Module 18: Digital Evidence
  • Module 19: Understanding File Systems
  • Module 20: Windows Forensics
  • Module 21: Network Forensics and Investigating Network Traffic
  • Module 22: Steganography
  • Module 23: Analyzing Logs
  • Module 24: E-mail Crime and Computer Forensics
  • Module 25: Writing Investigative Report


Who is it for?

This course will benefit students who are interested in learning the fundamentals of information security, network security, and computer forensics.


Training Duration

5 days (40 hours)


About the Exam

Number of Questions: 100

Test Duration: 3 hours

Test Format: Multiple Choice Questions

Passing Score: 70%