Stay in Business

SIB is a cloud based BCDR solution that addresses issues related to security, reliability, and accessibility.

  • Your organization can cut down expenses related to infrastructure & operations such as servers, storage, connectivity and a dedicated resource for maintaining them.
  • SIB’s cloud hosted solution helps your organization with a quick turnaround time by notifying all stakeholders involved.
  • All stakeholders in your business continuity plan can respond with updates during planning & recovery.

Simplified DR Template

The template makes it easy to develop a Disaster Recovery plan! You do not need in-house expertise. All you need is your business details..

Customizable Template

Edit to fit your business needs. Each section can be easily modified to fit your unique business needs..

Variety of Business Functions Covered

The Disaster Recovery plan has sections that cover most aspects of business. Easy to add and modify to fit needs..

Communicable Disease and Data Breach Sections

Develop plans and policies for disease exposed travelers. Also plan for breaches of data..

Some of the advantages of SIB’s BCDR solutions :

  • Cloud-based, which ensures remote accessibility
  • Clear-cut chain of command with all aspects of the business covered
  • The plan is flexible and adaptable to different scenarios
  • It provides an inbuilt emergency communication center
  • Optimum resource allocation which ensures coordinated response
  • Cost-effective and easy to adopt

Intellize Tech Services is an authorized partner for Stay in Business in Malaysia.